Tuesday, October 7, 2008

Updated pooch pics

I know these aren't the pics you may want to see, but I figured they would be better placed next to the first shots. Just over 5 months old.
Seriously, are you eyeballing my nice green ball?


LisAway said...

Oh!! He's still very cute! I thought he was going to be a big scary dog. I wonder how big he will get. I also sorta wonder what you ended up naming him!!

Thanks for the pics. The kids will be excited to see!

Susan said...

Ah, Zeke! He DOES look awfully serious about his green ball :)

How is Zeke doing? Does he get to be inside much? Do the kids all still love him as his novelty wears off? He's got such a great face!

Good thing Halloween in coming up, I know we'll get some more pictures soon!

Ben said...

That dog is all muscle. Don't mess with his green ball.